Monday, December 05, 2011

OH, my poor, neglected blog!

I have been so busy for so long, that I have not posted in ages and ages.  This tops all of my previous lapses by a long shot!

The past 2.5 years have had more than their share of challenges and blessings, to be sure.  Kevin's diagnosis with a Traumatic Brain Injury from an event during his deployment in Iraq; his time at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center for testing and healing; my work at the Child Development Center in charge of the Infant Room, then as Assistant Director, and finally as Director leading the center through a successful Accreditation process; traveling many places across Europe and even touching our toes into Asia (Turkey) and Africa (Egypt); seeing our two boys pass me up in height and our girl inching her way closer; making many friends of all different nationalities and especially the amazing men and women in uniform who are our military brothers and sisters -- the good Lord has brought us so many different experiences, blessings, and opportunities for growth.  We are thankful!

As I write this, all of our worldly possessions are on a boat from The Netherlands back to the US.  Our time in Europe is over.  We're so excited to see our family and friends back home again, but we will miss our Dutch home and friends.  A new chapter is beginning, and I expect it will be as exciting and wonderful as ever.  Soon we'll all be on a plane headed over the Big Pond, and wrapping our arms around the family and friends we haven't seen for so long.

Come January, we will be settled in South Carolina, the kids will be in another new school, and I will be starting graduate-level coursework.  I'm starting with a Graduate Certificate in Autism, and when that is complete, the classes will go towards a Master in Special Ed with certification as an Educational Diagnostician.  It feels good to be working toward a new goal.  Kevin will be attending the Captain's Career Course at the Chaplain School.  It promises to be a short, but excellent duty assignment.

I know I always vow to myself to keep up better with this chronicle of our Adventure, and this time is no different.  I will try to keep up with sharing about this whirlwind that is our life!  More to come...