Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Everything Is Bigger In...

The Netherlands? Yes, being a Texan, I'm aware of (and a subscriber to) the belief that everything is bigger in Texas. Yet, here's other evidence from The Netherlands...

A giant, deformed mushroom. At first, we didn't want to approach it, for fear it might be a body-snatcher Pod.

A massive slug...check out the size of that thing compared to Caitlin's hand!

Mmmmmm....Cheese! Huge wheels of yummy goodness!

Now, I'm not saying mosquitoes as big as ravens and catfish that can't be hauled into a canoe are anything to sneeze at; just that maybe other places in the world have a small share of Big, too.
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Andrea said...

OMG!!!! that's HUGE!

Tammy said...

OH my! That cheese definitely looks yummy though!

redink said...

Mmmm...cheese, Gromit!

Ewww...slugs, Carol!

Don't know what to make of that mushroom...if it's edible, I say pass the crab stuffing.

Cute pictures, darlin'. Love the Texas comparison.

ririnpalada said...

Is this the famous Gouda cheese ?
I really like this cheese and I want to bring it home if i visited Holland.

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