Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Star Size Comparison HD

A bit of perspective is always a good thing.

And in the end, don't forget that God, who made it all, cares intimately about each one of us.

Reach outside yourself and be a blessing to those in your universe. :) I'm glad you're in mine!


redink said...

What a great thing to use for perspective, Carol! (especially with my 8-year old right now).

The macro-universe is as mind-blowing as the micro-universe.
I saw something similar at an event once...the pastor described the star "Betelguese" in very much the same terms your video did.
It was a great illustration.
He then went on to show new studies in microbiology showing a protein structure vital to holding our muscle tissue together...sort of like a "human glue".
It's called "Laminin" and scientists discovered its molecular layout is in the shape of a cross!
It's fascinating.
Micro and Macro...it's all God.
love, Julia

BornABruin said...

Here's what amazes me: In Genesis, it speaks of creation of the earth and all it contains. Then in Genesis 1:16 you get a little phrase "...He made the stars also.". I know everything in the Word is important, but in what is almost a postscript to the verse, it says in effect: and ob, by the way, God made the stars. When you consider how big this universe really is that is a understatement! We are one star. The NASA site put an estimate of 200 billion of stars in our galaxy and a survey in 1999 using the Hubble Space Telescope estimated there are 125 billion galaxies. I could multiply that out but that's a lot of zeros!

The solar system is big and the distances are huge. But what's better is that even though God exercised the power to create all of that almost infinite variety of stars and galaxies by an act of will, he also knows you. And me. And that guy walking down the street in front of my office. And everyone else who has ever lived. He knows how many hairs are on your head. He also cared enough about you to send His Son to be a sacrifice and die for my sins.

That's just a meager illustration of how big God really is!

Just something to think about this Christmas!