Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Illiteracy Stinks

Needing to do laundry, I inquired at the hotel desk and was happy to learn there is a coin-operated washer and dryer in the basement. Cheerfully making my way to the basement to check out the situation, this is what greeted me:

Not only are the words a mystery, the symbols don't even tell me what I need to know. *Sigh* Ignorance definitely is NOT bliss. ;-)
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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Netherlands, Week 1 continued

Here are some photos of the view from the front and side of our hotel room balcony, showing part of the golf course. It's a very big balcony, and a lovely breeze is constantly blowing.

This pic is out of order, but here we are at the airport in Dallas, ready to start our adventure!

So far it has been a very interesting experience. Today we attended our first chapel service and met several wonderful families. Many folks are leaving the area this summer, so the congregation needs some rebuilding. We also all got our library cards, and were able to check out some books and DVDs. We have a list of 4 houses to look at on Monday or Tuesday, so hopefully we will soon have a place to live. Friday is our driving class and test, and hopefully the day we will get our Dutch drivers licences. So much to do!

Getting online was a challenge...we purchased some minutes with the online service here at the hotel, but our laptop was running out of juice and we had no way to charge it. Today we borrowed a transformer, and are very thankful we can plug in the laptop, as well as the kids' handheld games and such. There isn't a lot to do here at the hotel, and for now we are dependent upon the gracious help of others to get around town. But, we are getting some much-needed rest and recovering from jet lag. It's hard to believe we are actually here!
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We Have Arrived!

We are finally in The Netherlands! (We found out that "Holland" is actually the name of only part of NL, and not even the part we are living in, so we have to get used to saying Netherlands instead of Holland.) Here are a few pictures we've taken so far.

First, pictures on the was the first flight for all the kids other than flights as babies (which, for some reason, they don't remember), so they were very excited.
It was a looooong flight! Kevin and Caitlin try to pass the time with a little chess...

We left Dallas at well over 100 degrees, and arrived in NL at 80 degrees. Ahhhhhhh :)

This is the hotel we are staying in, tucked among the trees. It is right on a golf course, and in a rare wooded area of NL. It is a lovely hotel, and the accomodations are very spacious and comfortable.

The kids are taking a little rest during a leisurely stroll around the hotel grounds...

To be continued...
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