Saturday, May 24, 2008

Can you handle two in one day?

I know I just posted earlier today (shock!), but on the Cards for Soldiers blog, Chris posted this video and it touched my heart. It is so easy to say "thank you" and it truly does mean a lot.

Gratitude Sign Video

The Random Blogger Strikes Again!

Wow, has it actually been a month since my last post? And longer than that since my last actual update? I feel like I am in one of those worm holes from Star Trek where you go in one side and are sucked through time and space to instantly find yourself on the other side. (Yes, I'm a sci fi geek, if you didn't know that about me.) ;-)

I spoke with a friend last night (hi, Debbie!) about how I sit here and wonder where to start since I'm so far behind on updates...and we decided it was best just to start with today. So here is today in our life.

Kevin is doing well over in Iraq. Things have been quieter around his base for a few weeks, which is wonderful. They previously had 5 casualties in pretty quick succession, but thankfully none recently. He is enjoying his soldiers and his work very much. He's been implementing a new Combat Stress Prevention program that he is very excited about. Combat Stress is a huge problem in the military right now, and I am hopeful that his program will really help his guys.

Looks like he will come home on his mid-term leave sometime this summer. And no, it really isn't quite "mid-term" since he just left in March, but the benefit is that we will all be out of school and can spend the entire time together with no worries about piles of make-up work or finding substitues for me. The down side is that once he leaves again, it will be a looooong haul until the still almost a whole year. But it was so much more practical to have him home in the summer, so that was what we decided to ask for.

My teaching certificate work and testing are done (whew) and now I am in the middle of job hunting. I had a couple of interviews, but didn't get those positions, so I keep plugging away. I have an interview on Tuesday in the district where I live (not as close to the private school my kids attend, though) and I am hopeful things will work out. I know it is still early in the summer, but wouldn't it be nice to enjoy the whole summer already knowing what the following year will bring? Please pray for me on that one.

The kids are doing great. We seem to have hit our stride and gotten over that tough transition period. Caitlin turned 8 a couple weeks ago with a fun skating party, and we went yesterday to have our toes and fingernails done together. That was fun. The boys are playing baseball and that keeps us hopping! School is out in one more week, so they are all excited about that. I am bracing myself to say good-bye to my wonderful little class...I vow not to cry in front of them but be cheerful and rejoice in their growing up!

Speaking of growing up, today Caitlin told me she thought maybe she was too old for bedtime singing. I couldn't hide my disappointment, and she quickly said, "Well, we'll just try it out tonight and see how it goes." Well...OK, sweet girl, but if I can't sleep then let's go back to the bedtime singing. ;-)

Murphy is doing great, too, for those wondering about him. He protects the backyard from the evil squirrels. Poor Frisky has lost his domain.