Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Really? Just A Crutch?

"God is just a crutch."

Have you ever heard this? I can't help smiling at this silly statement. I mean, think about it...what is a crutch, anyway? It's something to help you stand and get around when a part of you is broken. Look at the world we live in...something is definitely broken. Why would a person scorn the one thing that can actually help? This is why one of the first steps to coming to God is to admit that you are weak, that you need help...that you are, in fact, broken. Imagine a paraplegic saying, "Nope. I don't want that wheelchair. I don't need it! I am doing just fine on my own!" No nurse or doctor or therapist in the world can help such a self-deluded person. On the other hand, check out some of the people that embrace that wheelchair, become independent, and compete in sports such as basketball, racing, and other challenging sports, simply because they have accepted the help they needed. We have to allow ourselves to be vulnerable, to admit our weakness, so that His strength can be given to us. And His strength is powerful, indeed!

Jesus is more than a crutch or even a wheelchair to me, that's for sure. He is fresh eyes to truly see, new ears to truly hear, withered hands made whole for the purpose of serving other broken people. He is a heart transplant and the cure for the spiritual cancer that is eating at this crazy world.

You think Jesus is just a crutch? No, my friend. He is much, much more.