Saturday, September 01, 2007

Embrace the Adventure (it's not just a tagline)

An adventure is never easy. Its nature is to take you outside of your comfort zone. Otherwise, it wouldn't really be an adventure, now, would it? To fully taste it, you must embrace it; yet in throwing your arms open to accept it into your bosom, you make yourself intensely vulnerable. Your soft underbelly is exposed, and sometimes a sucker punch will knock your breath clean away. At the same time, even the pain has something to teach us.

The alternative is living closed off, fearful, suspicious...rejecting the joy and beauty that only come to those who are opened up for it. And really, that's no alternative at all.

Life, discipleship, marriage, motherhood, friendship, sisterhood...all carry vulnerability, with its unspeakable pains. And yet, throwing your heart open clears the way for inexpressible joys.

Oh, that we would all live life wide open and embrace the adventure of it all.