Saturday, August 11, 2007

the rambling stream of my consciousness today

“ He shall feed his flock like a shepherd: he shall gather the lambs with his arm, and carry them in his bosom, and shall gently lead those that are with young..” Isaiah 40:11

What an encouragement. That verse is talking about me! (And you, too, if you know Him!) I am part of His flock. I am his lamb. And I have my own young. What a joy to be reminded that He meets my needs; He gathers me up and carries me close to His heart; and He gently leads me.

So often I'm a wayward child. I don't follow his example, and it always ends up badly when that happens. I focus too much on the inconvenience a problem causes me, rather than the teaching opportunity that is always present in every problem. I get overwhelmed by my long list of tasks, and forget that they are only children for a little while longer. I allow non-realities such as worries and "what-ifs" to cloud my mind. But God is patient and continues to remind me of His love and eagerness to help me live a life of power, faith, and adventure. I want to do more than just keep my head above water, but on my own that is totally the best I'm capable of. With Him I can soar on eagles' wings, and jump with the hinds on high places. Even throw my hands in the air and enjoy the roller coaster ride that is this life. Why, then, do I insist on doing it my own way so often? Why do I grip the restraint bars and squeeze my eyes shut, wishing it would slow down? And where are those high places when I can't even lift my eyes to look for them?

Uh. Well, *that* was a self-absorbed question. Of course they are still there even when I'm not looking. And I'll visit them again with his help.

Lord, help me tend, gather, and gently lead my children the way You lead me. Help me live with such faith that I become fearless and peaceful and focused.

One thing he does is put wonderful people in our lives. The kids and I got to visit with Bret and Kelly over some great Barbeque at Shoepf's in Belton. Love that place. Love these friends. Love those babies they brought with them just for me to ogle and cuddle. :-) And what an encouragement they are to me.

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Tammy said...

Oh how I needed that this morning. Yes - He does lead us and guide us and if we allow it - the circumstances that He brings into our lives will strengthen us. I am sure that the metal that is put into the scorching fire is not very fond of the intense heat, but when it comes out - it is PURE GOLD!