Sunday, August 26, 2007

Oh, What a Night

Caitlin did not have a good night last night. It's actually my fault. I've been saying Daddy will be home from California in September, just in general terms, and didn't realize until last night that she is counting down the days until August is over, and she thought that when September was here, Daddy would immediately appear. In reality it isn't until Sept. 7, and then he'll only be home a few days and then leave again for a week-long training on PTSD.

Anyway, last night she counted on her little fingers and announced with excitement, "Daddy will be home in 6 days!" I gently told her, no, Daddy is coming home a little bit later than that. "How many days?" Um...let's see...about 13?

Well, that did it. The roof of the house caved in and a mushroom cloud could be seen from miles away. Hope deferred maketh the heart sick. If anyone needs a living example of that truth, I had one on my hands last night for sure. Poor thing. (Both her AND me.)

I told her as she wept in my arms, "13 days really is not a very long time, honey." And she said, "It seems long to me."

True enough. So what is 15 months going to seem like to a 7 year old girl, come December? My heart just aches for her. But I am hopeful that successfully surviving the first deployment will show her that we can do it again, with God's help.

I read in a book that one family made a paper chain, with each link representing one week until their Daddy returned. Each week, they would take off a link, then write on it what they did that week and mail it to him, and he would build the chain on his side. So, theirs was getting shorter while his was getting longer, and they all had a visual aid to signify the time going by. A really beautiful idea.

With my luck, though, upon seeing a chain made up of about 64 links, the wee girl would probably collapse in a blubbering heap on the floor. I'm loathe to trigger that sort of drama. Not only that, but I'm fairly certain if the deployment were extended further at the end (which I fully expect), I would never be able to sneak more links onto the kidlets are just too smart for that. Darn me for raising thinking children.

On a lighter note, I did a little stamping yesterday afternoon with some cool Art Declassified stamps.


Cindy said...

Oh Carol. I can't imagine being in your shoes right now. Big hugs from my family to all of you.

Tammy said...

I love your tags that you made. Very cute. As for the little ones and the deployment. I have no words and can only vaguely imagine what you all go through. {{{Hugs to you and your family}}}

Jenny-up the hill said...

Oh man...those little things can break your heart can't they! I think the chain idea is wonderful, but I too have a child who would become completely overwhelmed with all the links. I'll be praying that these next few days will fly by....btw, loved the tags!

mabel said...

Oh boy, been there done that. They just don't get the whole idea. We said Daddy would be home before Christmas. He came home early December, thank goodness. Now with all the extended time added on you just can't promise. You also can't say that they'll be home for good. Mine has gone twice too. Good luck and God bless!