Sunday, June 03, 2007

Safety on the Home Front

I have had this on my mind for a long time, and decided it's time to say something about it. For those of you who read my blog who are military wives, please give a listen and think about what I'm saying.

If your husband is deployed, I know that half your heart is in Iraq. I hear you and I feel you deeply. I have been there, and will be again before long. But please don't advertise it to the general public. When you have a bumper sticker or yard sign with the tender sentiment "Half My Heart is in Iraq" (or some other combat zone), there are bad people out there that will interpret it, "I am alone and vulnerable." Some characters out there will try to take advantage of you on many different levels since they know you are by yourself...ranging from salesmen to burglars to identity thieves. You are proud of your husband and certainly ought to be. But please don't turn yourself into a target by placing items on your house or car that indicate that he is gone for an extended time. I have a "Support our Troops" and an Army logo on my car, which I think is safe enough while still sharing my pride in what he does, but while he was gone I tried to be very careful not to indicate to people whom I didn't know well, the fact that my husband was deployed.

As you pray for your honey to be safe over in Iraq or Afghanistan or wherever he is, please don't forget to do all you can to keep yourself safe as well.

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Suzanne said...

Very sage advice! Thanks for the reminder. :-)