Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Like Riding a Bike

Thank HEAVEN that little freak-out episode the first day of math class didn't persist. I've worked hard to jostle loose all that rust up there, and lo and behold, the synapses can still fire! I've got A's on both tests so far... and since given the equation (95 + 99 + x) / 3 = 90, then x = 76, I can feel secure in the knowledge that if I just make above a 75 on the third test, I will still be exempt from the final and get an A in the class.

(And no, I don't plan on making a C on the third test, but it does give one a nice, comfortable feeling, does it not?)

Did you notice the little smiley on the grade? Even at my age, that little "high-five" from the teacher adds to the glow. :-)


Melissa said...


I love matrices. :) Linear algebra was my all time best and favorite math class and one I never, ever, ever had to use again. LOL! Congrats!

Suzanne said...

Congrats on the smiley face and the smile! :-)

Rach said...

You seriously rock! I can't imagine going back to school and facing a subject I failed miserably in during highschool. lol High fives on the awsome grade, and the little smiley face too! :D