Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day Musings

It's odd...I've been a bit emotional today. Last year for Memorial Day, Kevin was in Iraq and I was praying that he not be added to the number of those noble dead whom we honor on this national holiday. Today he is home, and the day has been a reminder that he will be leaving again, into harm's way to serve God and Country. Next Memorial Day, he will once again be in Iraq, and possibly the Memorial Day after that, too. And every time I look at him today, I am thinking...don't die. Please, God, don't let him die. Put your Everlasting Arms around him and be his rock and shield...or uparmored vehicle, as the case may be.

Take a moment when you read this to say a prayer or send uplifting thoughts the direction of those families who have lost their loved ones in the course of war...this one or any other. These are quiet heroes in our midst, who have made such an immeasurable sacrifice and live day to day without their loved one by their side. May God's comfort and grace be with them in abundance.

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Tammy said...

Oh Carol - was sobering words. I wish I had just the right thing to say, but I don't. Just know that you I pray for your entire family.