Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Well, Germany Was Not To Be

One of the things we're having to get used to in the Army is this: don't believe anything until it actually occurs. And sometimes not even then. ;-)

Kevin's orders to Germany have been revoked, and we are all staying here at Fort Hood for another rotation. This does mean another deployment in the Fall, but he was going to be deployed from Germany anyway, so this provides much more stability, especially for the children. We get to enjoy our home (which we've lived in for less than a year), keep our same friends (except for the ones who have moved away this summer) and not have to worry about the million details that an overseas move entails. We will also be able to get a dog (or two) without the worry of quarantining them in Europe right away. We are still hoping to go to Germany, perhaps for the next rotation, but by then Kevin will have 2 deployments under his belt and the likelihood of another will be far, far less.

So for now, Deutscheland, Auf Wiedersehen!


Melissa said...

Sorry you won't have the adventure- yet! But glad you'll have the stability of staying put a little while longer!!

Suzanne said...

Everything happens for a reason. Just remember that. :-)

Amyk said...

Carol- so sorry to hear Germany didn't work out:( I know that is disappointing... but I'm glad you're going to be in the US a little longer:) *hugs* Amy

Neill Horton said...

Well, I guess I will have to put off my Germany trip for a few years - oh well! Does this mean you might be able to make it up to a reunion in KC in the July tiem frame?


Half my Heart said...

Hello, I just stumbled upon your blog today... just wanted to say hi from a fellow military wife and believer.