Monday, April 30, 2007

Summertime means Good-bye

I'm learning a few things as an Army wife, and one of them is that Summertime is often a time of goodbyes. The Army seems to shape-shift during the summer, as families are moved around and units are repopulated with different faces, different NCO's and Officers, different soldiers and different families attached to them. Many of the people I have gotten to know during the last couple of years are moving this summer, either to a new duty station or getting out of the Army altogether. My good friend Melissa (in the picture above) has already moved to Colorado, and it's hard to imagine making it through the next deployment without her! What an amazing person, and we both leaned on each other a lot last year. I know Colorado will be a good place for them, and I know there will be other blessings and other friends to meet here in the coming months. I am so glad to have gotten to know her, and I am certain this is one friend I will be keeping up with for a lifetime, no matter where we are stationed.

It's something I have to look at in a positive way...instead of being sad about "losing" some friends, I should be happy that I will be keeping these friends in my heart and just making more and more as time goes by. It's the theme of my life: embracing the adventure, even when it seems hard, with all its changes of scenery. Only this time, for us, the scenery is staying the same and the people will be changing. It's all part of the adventure that way, too.
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TammyM said...

Love your positive attitude