Monday, March 12, 2007

Crawfish and Cracklin's

Kevin's Uncle Sammy came to visit this weekend, and he brought with him several culinary delights from his neck of the woods in Louisiana. First, crawfish, with spices to boil them in -- oo-weee! Also, a bag of pork cracklin's which I laid my claim to immediately. And last but certainly not least, a couple pounds of spicy (but not TOO spicy) boudin. If you've never had any of this fantastic stuff, get ye to a Cajun part of the world, post haste! Mmm-mmm! Tastebud heaven!

The crawfish were a little too much for Caitlin...she doesn't like her food to look back at her from the plate. This did not bother the boys in the least, however. They discovered the age-old tradition of pulling the tails off the heads and sticking their fingers inside to make crawfish finger puppets.

I put on some Little Big Town and we had a ball.

I can feel
muddy water
runnin' through my veins.....

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