Saturday, February 03, 2007

Home, Sweet Home!

Man, did I have fun at CHA! I got to see so many old friends, make a bunch of new ones, and see all the great new product that is out there! I didn't do a lot of walking the floor this year, since I was working in the Memories in Uniform booth, but there was plenty to see right near my area, too. I'll be sharing photos of some of the companies and products in the coming days. MIU works closely with several companies...Timeless Touches, Bisous, Croppin' Companion, and Art Declassified. I absolutely LOVED getting to know all these wonderful people and drooling over the products each company makes.

No matter how exciting the trip, it's always good to be back home. It would be even better to be back home at the same time as your luggage, but you can't have everything. American Airlines lost my luggage, but after a couple of days without makeup or hair product, they found it, yay! It's a good thing my family loves me with or without mascara. Anyway, from here on out I am going to do everything possible to make do with what I can carry on the plane with me!

I'll sign off tonight with a photo of Chris, me, Pam and Andrea in the Memories in Uniform booth. It was so wonderful to see you girls again! :D

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