Friday, February 09, 2007

Blog Spotlight: Timeless Touches

OK, if you have not seen the awesome tools from Timeless Touches, you are really missing out! Go over there and take a look right away! These products are pure *genius* in my opinion. I'm totally sincere about that; the concept and products are just a touch of genius.

I have had their original Fiber Friend ruler and Eyelet Friend template for several years, but didn't realize they have so much more. There are new (big!) circle templates, that let you make a circle with fiber or eyelets up to 11.75 inches big. There are cool flower, star, and other shaped templates to help you create a perfect stitched shape with no problem at all. There are way cool "stamp n stitch" templates, that come with an image to stamp onto your paper, then lay the template over it and pierce the holes to add fiber for really cool effects. I am drooling over the alphabet templates, that let you create gorgeous stitched words and titles. Plus, they have a really cool binder that helps you organize and store many of the products together. I never thought I would regret letting go if my huge fiber collection, but these products have revived my interest in working with fiber.

I am going to be getting some of these products, and can't *wait* to show you the ideas floating around in my noggin! And I won't have to measure or mark a thing!

Look for these tools at your local or online scrapbook store, and if they don't carry them, tell them to wake up! I mean, nicely request them. ;)

Here are the owners, Janis and Todd, in their booth at CHA, along with their sweet friend Cheri who manned the make n take table. They are all just the most wonderful people, and Todd has THE most contagious, jolly laugh. Their booth was right next to MIU, so I got to sneak over there from time to time to see all the goodies!

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