Monday, February 12, 2007

Blog Spotlight: Bisous

Another company that was near us at CHA was Bisous (pronounced B-Zoo). This was such a fun booth with gorgeous pre-made pages and chipboard elements. The colors are just delicious and the layout designs are up-to-date and so fresh!

I loved meeting Suzanne (in the middle) and her husband Robert, and their friend Hazel who came down to help them in the booth. They are just such a fun-loving and playful group, and showed up every day looking so put-together. Check out Robert's argyle sweater, I love it!

Hazel happens to live in a place I've wanted to visit since Jr. High -- Prince Edward's Island, Canada. Lucky girl! She also has her own business called PhotoFlick, check it out!

Here are more photos from the booth! So yummy!

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