Saturday, February 10, 2007

All-Expense Paid Trip to Europe!

Well, I guess you could say both God and the Army move in mysterious ways. We've got confirmation that Kevin's next duty assignment will be GERMANY, and we now have an actual date (June 2007), which means the kids will be finished with the school year when we move. We are so excited about it! Can you imagine the travel and photo opportunities over the next few years? The interesting cultures and people we will meet? The wonderful food to enjoy? Everyone we know that has been stationed over there has just absolutely loved it, and I'm sure we will, too.

We are even more thankful for this opportunity because of the fact that the Army is downsizing over there in big numbers. It's really not something we would probably be able to do a few more years down the road, as the overseas assignments become more and more rare.

We are praying for a non-deployable slot so that we can all enjoy Europe together without the worries and fears of another deployment.

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