Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Blog Spotlight: Art Declassified

Here is one awesome company! Art Declassified gets all the credit for converting me to unmounted stamps. Their stamps are real red rubber, high-quality images, and come already mounted on EZ Mount. They are so easy to store in their CD cases, and the case can also be used as a mount for the stamps. Just slap that baby on there, ink it up, and stamp away! I do prefer acrylic mounts, but in a pinch the CD case works great, especially if you have a large stamp inside the case to keep it nice and firm when you stamp the image.

Another cool thing is the images themselves. They are just rockin'! Vintage images converted to rubber, lots of military images from all branches, beautiful flowers, paper clips, swirlies and doo-dads...anything you could possibly want. There are even a few great fonts in the mix.

I am super-thrilled to be an "Artist in Residence" for ADC, which means I get to play to my heart's content with these babies! :)

Vanessa and Karen (see them above), are just great people--down to earth and fun, and so creative. The booth at CHA was the place to be -- decorated with hundreds of tags made by the other Artists in Residence.

Here's some more eye candy from the ADC booth at CHA, plus my mug shot with K&V :D

Monday, February 12, 2007

Blog Spotlight: Bisous

Another company that was near us at CHA was Bisous (pronounced B-Zoo). This was such a fun booth with gorgeous pre-made pages and chipboard elements. The colors are just delicious and the layout designs are up-to-date and so fresh!

I loved meeting Suzanne (in the middle) and her husband Robert, and their friend Hazel who came down to help them in the booth. They are just such a fun-loving and playful group, and showed up every day looking so put-together. Check out Robert's argyle sweater, I love it!

Hazel happens to live in a place I've wanted to visit since Jr. High -- Prince Edward's Island, Canada. Lucky girl! She also has her own business called PhotoFlick, check it out!

Here are more photos from the booth! So yummy!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

I Love a Man in Uniform!

Last week we had a wonderful time at our Battalion Ball. It was a very fun night and I enjoyed dressing up. It was sooooo nice to be at this man's arm all evening...ooh la la!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

All-Expense Paid Trip to Europe!

Well, I guess you could say both God and the Army move in mysterious ways. We've got confirmation that Kevin's next duty assignment will be GERMANY, and we now have an actual date (June 2007), which means the kids will be finished with the school year when we move. We are so excited about it! Can you imagine the travel and photo opportunities over the next few years? The interesting cultures and people we will meet? The wonderful food to enjoy? Everyone we know that has been stationed over there has just absolutely loved it, and I'm sure we will, too.

We are even more thankful for this opportunity because of the fact that the Army is downsizing over there in big numbers. It's really not something we would probably be able to do a few more years down the road, as the overseas assignments become more and more rare.

We are praying for a non-deployable slot so that we can all enjoy Europe together without the worries and fears of another deployment.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Blog Spotlight: Timeless Touches

OK, if you have not seen the awesome tools from Timeless Touches, you are really missing out! Go over there and take a look right away! These products are pure *genius* in my opinion. I'm totally sincere about that; the concept and products are just a touch of genius.

I have had their original Fiber Friend ruler and Eyelet Friend template for several years, but didn't realize they have so much more. There are new (big!) circle templates, that let you make a circle with fiber or eyelets up to 11.75 inches big. There are cool flower, star, and other shaped templates to help you create a perfect stitched shape with no problem at all. There are way cool "stamp n stitch" templates, that come with an image to stamp onto your paper, then lay the template over it and pierce the holes to add fiber for really cool effects. I am drooling over the alphabet templates, that let you create gorgeous stitched words and titles. Plus, they have a really cool binder that helps you organize and store many of the products together. I never thought I would regret letting go if my huge fiber collection, but these products have revived my interest in working with fiber.

I am going to be getting some of these products, and can't *wait* to show you the ideas floating around in my noggin! And I won't have to measure or mark a thing!

Look for these tools at your local or online scrapbook store, and if they don't carry them, tell them to wake up! I mean, nicely request them. ;)

Here are the owners, Janis and Todd, in their booth at CHA, along with their sweet friend Cheri who manned the make n take table. They are all just the most wonderful people, and Todd has THE most contagious, jolly laugh. Their booth was right next to MIU, so I got to sneak over there from time to time to see all the goodies!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Blog Spotlight: Memories in Uniform

As I mentioned before, at CHA I worked in the Memories in Uniform booth. Anyone who has any military scrapbooking to do NEEDS these products, whether you are in the military, or have some wonderful old photos of Grandpa from WWII. These are the absolute best, most authentic military products on the market, hands down! I know this might sound like a commercial, but I am totally being honest here.

Tom and Amy Alfaro, the owners, have a long history of military service, with Tom starting off in the Army, then flying for the Navy, and now in the Air Force Reserves. So you can see they have an up-close and personal understanding of the military life and military scrapbooking. They know how important attention to detail is, and work hard to be sure the colors are accurate, the laser dies are perfect representations, and the selection is enormous. The quality of these products is really top-notch. (Can you tell I like these products?) :D

Tom and Amy are also just great people. I spent hours each day with them, and enjoyed every minute of it. Oh, did I mention the day before the trade show began, they sprang for tickets to Disneyland? That was a fun way to kick off the week!

Here are some pictures straight from the CHA show floor...

Some of the new rub-ons ........................................ and paper!

Yes, I know this photo of Amy and Tom is blurry, but I love it anyway! I wish I could remember what had just been said that was so funny.

Next time, I'll give you some peeks of the products and people from Timeless Touches.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Home, Sweet Home!

Man, did I have fun at CHA! I got to see so many old friends, make a bunch of new ones, and see all the great new product that is out there! I didn't do a lot of walking the floor this year, since I was working in the Memories in Uniform booth, but there was plenty to see right near my area, too. I'll be sharing photos of some of the companies and products in the coming days. MIU works closely with several companies...Timeless Touches, Bisous, Croppin' Companion, and Art Declassified. I absolutely LOVED getting to know all these wonderful people and drooling over the products each company makes.

No matter how exciting the trip, it's always good to be back home. It would be even better to be back home at the same time as your luggage, but you can't have everything. American Airlines lost my luggage, but after a couple of days without makeup or hair product, they found it, yay! It's a good thing my family loves me with or without mascara. Anyway, from here on out I am going to do everything possible to make do with what I can carry on the plane with me!

I'll sign off tonight with a photo of Chris, me, Pam and Andrea in the Memories in Uniform booth. It was so wonderful to see you girls again! :D