Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A Man in the Making

Soon Thomas will be a boy scout. No more of this little-kid cub scout thing. No more pinewood derby, no more parent-chaperoned camping trips. He'll be trading belt loops for merit badges. It seems like yesterday he was just a little Tiger Cub, but suddenly my son is on the verge of beginning his voyage into manhood. Heavy stuff for a sentimental mom like me.

Here he is at the Arrow of Light Review Board, in front of about 10 scouting leaders who were asking him all kinds of questions. "Please tie a square knot for us." ... "Recite the Scout Law." ... "Do you think you will achieve the rank of Eagle Scout?" (Yes, Sir.) How many merit badges do you plan to earn? (All of them, sir!) "Explain the symbolism in the Arrow of Light." On and on. He was sooooo nervous...can't you just see that in his face? He blanked out on the first question, faltered a bit on the second, but when he hit his stride, he did indeed show himself Prepared.

We are all just bursting with pride for our "little" boy.

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Jen said...

Congratulations on becoming a Boy Scout! I hope you become an Eagle!

Jen N