Monday, January 22, 2007

All is Right with the World

The most significant recent event, of course, was Kevin's return from Iraq. Safe. All in once big, huggable piece. :) The Welcome Home ceremony was a mass of emotional hype, which was a lot of fun. There was a DJ that helped pass the time while the crowd was waiting for the soldiers to finish all the hum-drum necessities like checking in weapons and such. Then the announcement was made: "your soldiers are HERE!" A fog machine was started up and music was blaring as the guys ran through the door single file, and formed their lines. Everyone was straining to recognize their loved one amid all the identical uniforms. Kevin, Jr. saw his daddy as he ran in, and he pointed him out to the rest of us--he was on the clear other side of the gym. Finally (as we had practiced beforehand) the order was yelled out by everyone, DIS-MISSED! We waded through a sea of bodies until finally we found ourselves in a big tangle of arms sqeezing one another -- our first "family group hug" in what seemed like forever.

Here are some photos from that wonderful night. :) My thanks to my buddy Rebecca for tagging along and helping capture the photo-ops!


Anonymous said...

OH my gosh... I was so teary eyed when I read your post.. I am so happy that he is safely home in your arms.


Cindy said...

YAY! Awesome photos (look how happy Caitlin is in that last one). I'm SO happy he's home!

Sam said...

Carol!!! These photos made me teary!