Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Scrapbook Heaven AND The Happiest Place on Earth

Friday I'm flying out to Anaheim for the Craft and Hobby Association (CHA) trade show, swimming in a vast sea of new products and fascinating people! I'll be working for Amy Alfaro in the Memories in Uniform (booth #2092 for anyone that might be there). What an awesome opportunity...a good time is sure to be had by all. Being not only an extreme extrovert, but a scrapbook obsessed extrovert, diving into a large crowd of other scrapbook-obsessed people and thousands of new products to gaze upon is electrifying!

We were supposed to do a big workshop on Saturday....which got cancelled, bummer! BUT, Amy got us tickets to go to Disneyland instead! SCORE!! I have never been to D-land without the kiddos, so I'm thinking it will be a totally different and fun experience, especially with a group of new girlfriends! Rumor has it the girls from Timeless Touches will be joining us, too!

AND, as if it can't get any better than that, I get to meet up with some of my amazing buds from 123-Scrap! These are the best internet friends a girl can have, who helped preserve my sanity during the deployment (not to mention the whole joining-the-Army thing, and the move from California to Texas by myself). Isn't it amazing how friendship, support, and hugs can travel through the internet and be felt almost in a tangible way on the other end? Anyway, this time we get to just eat, giggle, have fun, and (of course) freeze that moment in time with lots of photos. ;) A special shout-out to Pam for getting her butt on a plane all the way across the country to be there, even though she HATES flying! Way to go, conquering your fears! High-five for Girl Power!

I'm on a roll the past few days updating my blog (really just spitting out the random thoughts in my head for future scrapbook page journaling) but starting on Friday, I'll be out of pocket and enjoying it! I'll post pics from the trip the first part of February!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A Man in the Making

Soon Thomas will be a boy scout. No more of this little-kid cub scout thing. No more pinewood derby, no more parent-chaperoned camping trips. He'll be trading belt loops for merit badges. It seems like yesterday he was just a little Tiger Cub, but suddenly my son is on the verge of beginning his voyage into manhood. Heavy stuff for a sentimental mom like me.

Here he is at the Arrow of Light Review Board, in front of about 10 scouting leaders who were asking him all kinds of questions. "Please tie a square knot for us." ... "Recite the Scout Law." ... "Do you think you will achieve the rank of Eagle Scout?" (Yes, Sir.) How many merit badges do you plan to earn? (All of them, sir!) "Explain the symbolism in the Arrow of Light." On and on. He was sooooo nervous...can't you just see that in his face? He blanked out on the first question, faltered a bit on the second, but when he hit his stride, he did indeed show himself Prepared.

We are all just bursting with pride for our "little" boy.

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Monday, January 22, 2007

All is Right with the World

The most significant recent event, of course, was Kevin's return from Iraq. Safe. All in once big, huggable piece. :) The Welcome Home ceremony was a mass of emotional hype, which was a lot of fun. There was a DJ that helped pass the time while the crowd was waiting for the soldiers to finish all the hum-drum necessities like checking in weapons and such. Then the announcement was made: "your soldiers are HERE!" A fog machine was started up and music was blaring as the guys ran through the door single file, and formed their lines. Everyone was straining to recognize their loved one amid all the identical uniforms. Kevin, Jr. saw his daddy as he ran in, and he pointed him out to the rest of us--he was on the clear other side of the gym. Finally (as we had practiced beforehand) the order was yelled out by everyone, DIS-MISSED! We waded through a sea of bodies until finally we found ourselves in a big tangle of arms sqeezing one another -- our first "family group hug" in what seemed like forever.

Here are some photos from that wonderful night. :) My thanks to my buddy Rebecca for tagging along and helping capture the photo-ops!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Update Blues

There's a strange dynamic that occurs when you haven't updated your Blog in forever. There's a certain amount of guilt which leads you to sit at the keyboard and open up a new post template. This is quickly followed by consternation as your mind swims with all the things that have occurred since the last post that you could talk about, all the things in the near future you could share, and all the random thoughts that would surely enthrall your imagined audience. This leads straight into paralysis, in which you are rendered completely incapable of forming a coherent sentence. Snapping out of that fog, you decide to write a few meaningless sentences analyzing the past few moments, and call it a night. :)