Saturday, November 04, 2006

My New "Pet" Frisky

I have the most wonderful little squirrel living in my back yard. He visits every day and I watch him from my big set of windows in my family room. I've affectionately dubbed him "Frisky" because of the energetic way he waves his big, bushy tail. I hope I can get a picture of him soon, but so far he is very suspicious of me. One day there was a smaller squirrel (I'm assuming a little girl squirrel) on the tree with him. She was standing still as a stone on the trunk of the tree, with Frisky on the exact opposite side of the trunk, and every time he would move to get around to her, she would likewise move to stay on the opposite side. His tail was waving and flicking enthusiastically the whole time, while she was being so still except for moving from side to side around the tree trunk in her persistent avoidance of him. It made me laugh to see them! Poor Frisky.

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Andrea said...

I just wanted to let you know I enjoy your posts. My husband is going to be an army chaplain. Andrea