Friday, November 03, 2006

The End is in Sight

We're down to the last month of this deployment. Whew. It has been a long haul! There have been many things that were totally not what I expected, but I have learned so much from this past year.

I have mixed feelings about Kevin's mixed with nervousness. There is so much to do to get ready! The house isn't even completely unpacked yet from our move, the garage is a mess, and the sprinkler system may not be installed before he gets home, either. But the main thing is that he will be HOME, no matter if the boxes are unpacked or not. I can give him his pillow back instead of hugging it at night, and hug him instead. :D And he will be home for Christmas, unlike last year. What a joyful celebration that will be! The kids and I painted a huge sheet with "Welcome Home, Daddy...You're Our Hero" to hang on the garage door. They are beside themselves with excitement! Caitlin has already insisted that we get a cake decorated to the hilt for the day he returns.

I have changed, and I know he has also, during this time apart. It will be wonderful re-discovering one another. :D


Melissa said...

What awesome news!!!

Cindy said...

Beautiful layout, Carol, and I'm so excited for all of you. What a relief it will be...for all of us, because being your friend has made his deployment part of my life too.