Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Random thoughts on MMM

Well. I've been mulling over the Making Memories Master's contest for a week or more now. I had really hoped to enter this year for several reasons:

*I know several people who have won Master's who I would love to be associated with, and who have had an amazing experience because of being a Master.

*This contest requires only 5 layouts to enter (even though one has to be the original copy that potentially won't return home). This is far fewer than the other major yearly contest which I have had "close-calls" with 3 times but never actually won.

*The prize package and ensuing contract are great, as is the resulting exposure. I mean, there aren't many more prestigious things you could put on a scrapping resume than that.

*I have heard that the people at this magazine have been absolutely incredible to work with and though I never had the pleasure of being published by them, and my chances of winning are slim, I had hopes of getting my foot in the door.

Well, all that changed. The magazine was bought by a corporation that obviously does not know much about scrapbooking and apparently doesn't know much about how to treat their designers. They apparently dumped the faithful staff that had been raising the magazine to greatness and moved their offices, leaving these talented people out in the cold. Plus, from the snafu of their so-called "test balloon" regarding sending submissions to the circular file rather than back to the artists (of course that raised a hornet's nest and backpedaling ensued), to the implications of not upholding the contracts with the current team of Masters, to hearing through the grapevine that the newest issue is a far cry from the excellence which the former staff had achieved, it looks like this publication is just going down the tubes, and it is extremely sad.

For a while I held out hope that it was just growing pains. Transitional roadblocks. A learning curve. It seemed reasonable that the new people would need artists on their side that could help them navigate the minefield of obsessed scrapbookers that would be their contributors and readers. But there have been enough things happen to make me think that this is not just a transition, but is going to be the new norm for this publication. If by some slim chance I were to win Master's, is this the kind of company I would want to work for? A company that does not respect either the artists' work or the artists themselves?

I am very disappointed. I have layouts that I absolutely love that were set aside for this contest and now I'm not sure what to do with them. I suppose if I start now working on a Hall of Fame entry, by the time it comes up I will be able to put an entry together. And maybe this year wouldn't be just another "close call" but my year for something big. We shall see.

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