Monday, July 03, 2006

Little Bits of Life

Man, I didn't realize how long it had been since I updated my Blog! So much has been going on...

Before I start with my current events, I want to say a big THANK YOU for all the love and support of my friends. It means a lot to have friends praying, encouraging and lending a shoulder, and the advice was great, too. (Cindy, the 3 D's was priceless advice!) :D Life has some weird twists and turns, but friends help make the tough times doable and the good times even that much better!

Now for the news! First of all, we bought a house!! WOOHOO, we are finally going to be homeowners! It's a great house in Harker Heights, in a quiet neighborhood not too far from the boys' school. It even has a wonderful backyard, so I'm sure getting a dog is somewhere in our future!

Also, I recently had some surgery (no worries). My friend Melissa was an amazing help in the days immediately following, and now my mom is here helping me continue to recover, pack for the move and entertain the kids. They are going to be completely spoiled by the time we try to get back to some kind of normal life! LOL! Normal? What's that?

I have gotten my headaches under control! I went in for allergy testing and also had a CT Scan done on my sinuses, and when I went in the office to hear the results, he shocked me completely by telling me I have absolutely no allergies, and the CT scan was completely clear. I was dumbfounded and I actually burst out in tears! What a dork! I had just KNOWN the allergy/sinus route was going to be the answer to my headaches. But he diagnosed me with migraines and sent me home with instructions to lower my stress level (yeah, right) and with some new medication. I'm happy to say that the meds work, although they take an hour or two, but I have finally found some relief, thank God!

Kevin gets home for his 2 week leave within a month. I can't even describe the mixure of emotions I am feeling. Fear that he will be hurt sometime between now and then, joy at the thought of actually seeing him with my own eyes again, and a sickening dread that we will have to say good-bye to him again after only 2 short weeks. I am determined to make every second of that time count. The kids are totally excited about it, and we have some fun times planned as a family. In addition, the rumor is that they will be redeploying home again "for good" before Christmas! What a blessed Christmas that will be, if we can share it together as a complete family.

Tomorrow is one of our favorite holidays...4th of July. We love the patriotism, celebrating our freedom and rich heritage as a nation, and of course the fireworks! It looks to be a big day on post with lots of exciting events and demonstrations from the 1st Cav Horse Brigade, the working dogs, a parachute jumper and air force flyby---lots of exciting stuff going on! And best of all, being free to enjoy this celebration and the blessings we have received. God Bless America!

Well, enough of my random thoughts in the wee hours of this to bed. Happy Independence Day--hug a soldier today! Or better yet, call a soldier or veteran and say thank you! And if you can, consider donating blood in honor of those who have shed theirs to keep us safe and free.

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