Monday, July 10, 2006

Cardboard Allergy

I just remembered I am allergic to cardboard. Not just any cardboard...I can handle chipboard (as in scrapbook embellishments) and cardboard boxes that come in the mail with wonderful goodies inside. It's the piles of large, empty cardboard boxes demanding me to fill them with all my worldly goods...these break me out in hives. And right now I'm surrounded by them!

I packed away my scrapbook goodies yesterday. My kitchen gadgets and gizmos are all hidden away in the bellies of the brown ravenous cardboard monsters. Many of the kids' toys and books are similarly devoured, empty spaces dutifully filled with crumpled packing paper. Yet, looking around me, it almost seems that we haven't even made a dent in the STUFF that needs to be packed away. (How does it all multiply like that in between moves?) And in the carport they sit...various sizes of square creatures, maws gaping open, ready to swallow up whatever remains.

It occurs to me that we are very blessed. Blessed with a family and all the associated stuff. Blessed to have so many fun and useful possessions. Blessed to have a new home to be moving them into. And even blessed with the boxes, which were given to us free by some new neighbors moving in down the street....

But I swear I saw her scratching her own hives and breathing a sigh of relief as she piled the beasts into our carport.

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agirlnamedsuess said...

coincidence! I decided to search online to see if I was crazy or something due to my allergies flaring up (itching skin, swollen lymph nodes in the neck, watering eyes...) whenever I started packing and unpacking from these cardboard boxes. I see now I am not alone! One of my daughters is experiencing the same thing.