Thursday, March 16, 2006

Croppin' at the Cape!

Check out the girls--Chris, Cindy, Pam, and Andrea! Can't you just tell from this photo what awesome friends they are? We spent a wonderful weekend together at Cape Cod celebrating Pam's birthday, cropping, shopping, and dishing. It was just the break I needed! These girls are awesome and we SO missed Lisa, Rach, and Jodene that couldn't be there. They were there in spirit, though! As it was, we had California, New York, New Hampshire, Florida and Texas represented. Amazing! Next year let's get Canada and Australia in on the action!

You can see from the photo above that Chris joined me in a little toe-dip in the Atlantic (look at her bare feet)! She didn't let me freeze alone when I felt the need to fully experience my first trip to the east coast. :D Here is the proof that I'm a cross-country girl--almost exactly 11 years after my first toe-dip in the Pacific I finally made it to the other side.

Over the weekend, we laughed so much and it felt great to let my hair down. I feel rested and ready now to buckle down and get control of some areas that I've been neglecting. Since Kevin's deployment, off and on I've been fighting off a touch of depression, and this time away from it all with the girls was the perfect remedy for that.

Here is the lovely Princess Pam, the birthday girl, with her adorable attendants and their bubble wands at the airport. hee!

I am so blessed to have friends like this. So very blessed.


Sam said...

Too cute Carol!!!! What a fun weekend!!!

Fellow Pukester

Rach said...

How can you tell Andrea's from Florida? her gloves. ;)
LOVE the photos, and how cute you are dipping your toesies in the Atlantic. Something I've never done either.

Yep, for sure next time it's going to be ALL of us together! :D

Anonymous said...

Me? Thanks Rach! Yup, I was freezing my patootie off! Haven't been able to see my breath in a LONG time! Brrrrrrrrrrr - Andrea

Pam said...

Hey I don't have that airport photo! Wonder why? Boy what a great weekend it was and yes I agree, next time all of the faculty MUST be there!

Jennifer said...

I am so glad you had a good time, Carol! Sounds awesome!

Heather said...

oh these pics are too cute!!!