Thursday, February 09, 2006

Thoughts on Entering MMM

I originally posted this at 2Peas in response to a question, but I thought I would add it here as a reminder to myself when I start to stress out as the deadline approaches! It all boils down to WHY we do what we do.

I didn't end up entering HOF this year though I was working on it, because I had a last-minute chance to go to CHA and I jumped at it!! I wanted to enter, but I don't regret taking the time and energy to be at CHA and meet the amazing and awesome people that I met there. No question it was the right decision.

So, that leads up to...I am definitely entering MMM, no matter what comes up between now and then. What an amazing honor it would be to win, but even just the exercise of entering is always a growing experience and pushes me to strive for even better work and also to pour myself out on those pages.

I have two layouts that I absolutely LOVE that I have already set aside. Yes, new products have already been released since I created those pages, but these layouts *speak my heart* and I am saving them for MMM (even though they fit a couple of recent calls, ouch!) Now, if between now and the deadline, I make other pages that I love even more, I will switch them out, but it won't be because of fresher product or newer would only be because it speaks my heart as much or more than the current ones...if I come up with a new twist or an awesome technique, all the better. But I don't think I will base my ultimate decision on which pages to use on those transitory things...they may tip the balance in the event of a tie, but the ultimate decision will be based on the layouts that I love and that tell my story most clearly.

I'm no expert on these contests...I have entered them for a long time and gotten a number of HM's through the years (not with MMM but with HOF and PKPT). But this is the first time I feel really strongly about at least a couple of layouts that I will probably be using, for personal and heart reasons rather than innovation or design. So, I'm following my heart rather than trying to figure out what the judges want to see this time.

And I think when I read what past winners have done, that is the key. Be true to yourself and don't worry that much about being trendy. I'm sure it helps to have products that are currently available rather than products from 2-3 years ago that can't even be found any more. But I'm going to let the scales tip in favor of my own personal message and story, every time.

Just my ramblings!


Dawn said...

Carol that is most definitely the way to go. I love that you are going to submit pages that are the most meaningful to you and speak to you. Those are the layouts that I love to see. I wish you all the best with MMM!! Crossing my fingers for you....sajkdhfakjsh see it makes me type all crazy, will cross them when I'm done typing! :) (Yes I know I'm a dork) LOL

Cindy said...

As always, I wish you the best of luck and hope you win! But even if you don't I still think you are a professional-level scrapper and I'm lucky to work alongside you.

Jennifer Wellborn said...

I agree, Carol... it has to come from the heart! I will be cheering for you!!