Sunday, February 19, 2006

A Close Call!

I was both completely freaked out and hugely relieved when I received this e-mail from Kevin this afternoon:

"Today was a great day of ministry. The day started as the best ministry day yet....ministered to two tank crews, two bradley crews, two humvee patrols, and had good attendance at the full service at the water treatment plant. We were headed to hit another humvee patrol and then the weekly leader meeting, when BOOM, it sounded like an IED hit under my humvee. (Note: IED is improvised explosive device...a bomb.) So we stopped and did the normal routine of securing the area, and found that what had happened was that the blasting cap that was intended to set off the IED had gone off, but for some "unknown" reason the IED did not explode. Come to find out later, it was a HUGE ied in that hole. It would have been catastophic. News about this has spread fast and God is being greatly glorified. Everybody wants me to ride in their humvee now...ha ha. So, what an awesome God we serve. What a day....whew! Ended up as truly the greatest ministry day yet!!"

Now here is the really strange thing. Last night I felt very fearful and nervous, knowing Kevin would be going "out and about" this day. I prayed and prayed, mainly for his safety and my peace of mind. This morning I woke up and looked at the clock to see it was 5:00, and my first thought was that if he had been killed, the earliest they would come to my door was 6 a.m., so even if the worst had happened, I still had an hour of peace. Terrible, I know!! Later I found out that the above IED incident happened at 1:30 in the afternoon in Taji, which was only a half hour before I woke up and had that freaky thought. And if God had not intervened and protected him, an hour later I would probably have gotten that knock on the door.

God is faithful. George Washington had the reputation with the Native Americans of being a ghost, because even dead-on shots never harmed him. I have been praying the same thing for Kevin, that God would protect him and all the men with him. I see my prayers being graciously heard and answered, and I am thankful. Still a little freaked out, but very very thankful.


Cindy said...

Oh my goodness, that is so scary!! What a relief to know he's okay. I hope that's the last close call he has to deal with and he comes home safe and sounds. Hugs Carol!

Pam said...

Holy flipping canoli! That was way too close for comfort! I guess that is God's way of saying Kevin is there for a purpose and he's gonna stay safe!

Dawn said...

Oh my goodness Carol! I woulda freaked too. Like Cindy and Pam, I hope he comes home safe and sound. Adding my prayers. I'm so happy he is ok. Big hugs!! Please tell him thank you for doing what he does. :)

NOTR said...

You Go God! Take care of those troopers and hug the pastor from time to time too!