Wednesday, February 08, 2006

CHA Designer Dinner!

I meant to get this up right when I got home, but life got in the way it seems! Anyway, here are some fun photos from the CHA Designer Dinner (aka Winter Bash!). :D It was a total BLAST and so well-organized. I was amazed at how smoothly it all ran and was really happy to be a small part of it at the end by getting to help schlep all the bags over to the Hilton and help pass them out. I love making people happy, and handing them one of these bags made a lot of people VERY happy. :D

A huge thanks to Jennifer, Jessie, and Chris, and all the others that put so much into making this dinner so awesome. And also a huge thanks to the sponsors that generously donated so much awesome stuff!!

Isn't Jenn a cutie?

It took some muscle to stuff all those bags in Kim M's vehicle! :D

We were stuffed to the GILLS with hardly room to sit on the way from Jenn's house to the Hilton! Thankfully no police noticed us, just an old man in a pickup truck that gave us some weird looks at a stop light! LOL

Do you think they hated us after we made them help us haul all these bags to the very back of the place where the dinner was being held in the creatively-named buffet, "The Buffet"?

The LOOT, all laid out and ready to be handed over!

Registration went so very smoothly, it was obvious a lot of preparation work had gone into this event! Kudos again to the organizers!!

Jessie's big job of the night...drawing for the fabulous prizes! "AND THE WINNER IS............."

A wonderful time was had by all! This shot was taken as the evening was coming to a close and everyone was getting ready to go home, tired and happy. :D

The only thing left to say is, I can't wait for the next one!! :D


Cindy said...

Wow, that place is packed! Those totes are adorable, and I bet everyone appreciated them very much. Great work!

Rach said...

Ooo, what an exciting peek into the designers dinner. Thanks for posting pics, Carol! Those little bags are way to cute!

Dawn said...

Love those bags!! I would have been thrilled to get is good LOL. Thanks for sharing the awesome photos!

Jennifer said...

Ugh... I won't be wearing those pants again!! LOL

I was so happy to get to meet you, Carol! ((hugs))