Friday, January 27, 2006

Pinewood Derby: Family Fun or Pain in the Butt??

OK, this is driving me nuts but at the same time I'm totally getting into it.

Both my boys are in Scouts. So, two cars for the pinewood derby. With the man of the house gone, even. :P Thank heaven for other dads that are willing and able to use a saw. LOL

THEN the fact that our pack is way cool, and lets the siblings and parents have their own pinewood derby league. So, that means a car for Caitlin. And...well...competitive spirit that I am, I do one, too. Last year I came ****this**** close to winning! LOL Sure made good ol' Doug nervous that he almost got beat by a pink glittery car! *grin*

Anyway, that makes 4 cars. FOUR stinking blocks of wood to turn into something that will actually roll. Yes, they are working (for the most part), but what a PAIN!!

My car is the CUTEST thing, though! hee! I was working on it and Thomas came in and said, "Um, MOM??? You're scrapbooking on your CAR?"

Yes, son. This is what mom does. Now go away and let me create. :D :D :D

I covered it in KI Memories paper, with Doodlebug flower sequins on the sides in diamond glaze, then MM metals on it, MM ribbon, and an Energizer battery. LOL!! And on the front is a little metal plaque that says "spirit". :D I'll post pics soon, I promise. I think it's different than any pinewood derby car ever made, that's for sure!

So, 3 cars are working. One needs new wheels because in an attempt to make the axles immovable, I got diamond glaze all over the durn things and now they won't roll. But we'll fix that tonight and get new wheels, and the derby is tomorrow. After the derby, we're off to a basketball game. Whew. What a weekend!

Looking forward to it. Especially now that the looking task of the cars is out of the way...almost.


Pam said...

Well jeesh with all that embellishing I hope they qualify at weigh-in! ;) I can't wait to see your car tho! It sounds adorable!

Rach said...

YOU MUST SHOW PICTURES!!!! This I have got to see! You're such a creative Mom .. go Carol! :D

Cindy said...

Oh my gosh, this is the funniest thing! As I started reading the entry I thought, "Hm, is she going to ALTER the car?"And then you DID!! And I love that you glued the wheels so they wouldn't turn, that's a hoot. I hope you win!!!

Rachael Giallongo said...

Ha ha ha, that is too funny that you scrapped on your car! I am missing my boy's derby race because I am teaching... drat! :(