Friday, January 20, 2006

Love the anticipation...

Today the Scrapworks Design Team winners will be announced! I may be sick, but I love this part. The butterflies, the hopefulness, the anticipation waiting for a big announcement. Especially when I've actually made the effort to enter, LOL! Who knows when it'll be my turn to see my name on the list? :D

The icky part is when the list is posted and I'm not on it. But one of my resolutions this year is to have fun with it and not worry if I don't win any of these things. I love my hobby, I love my scrappin friends, and anything else that comes my way is just icing. I want to enter more contests this year, to motivate myself and stretch myself, and put my work out there. And whether it gets picked up or not, it can always be seen at 123-scrap where they love me even if I don't win! ;)

But it sure is fun to daydream! LOL :D

On another note, I'm excited about the crop nights we'll be doing for the wives of the deployed soldiers in our Brigade. Should be big fun and a great way to connect in a relaxed setting!

Plus, the ladies at 123-scrap just sent a couple HUNDRED cards for the soldiers to use for notes home! And my girlfriends back in Yucca Valley are following their lead and sending almost 70 more! WOW. We've been so amazed and touched by the outflowing of support from all these ladies. Thanks, girls!!! You're the best!

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