Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Ready to Learn

Something wonderful just happened.

My friend April has agreed to be my scrapbooking mentor. I want to improve, to reach for the next level, and she's agreed to take the time to teach me more about the hobby and art we both love. A HOF'er, for cryin' out loud! She has the whole package...layout designs that stop you in your tracks, journaling that makes you want to cry or laugh out loud or just THINK about it, and photography that takes your breath away.

With Kevin away, and some late nights to occupy, this is just the perfect timing for this.

Wow. I'm excited to get started!


Pam said...

WOW! You lucky lady you! I can't believe you know a HOF'er and you have one close enough to learn from!!! I have to be happy enough to know a HOF HM'er and learn from her from afar! ;)

Rach said...

OMGosh are you ever lucky! Soak in everything she can teach you, and don't forget to be generous and share what you learn. ;)

Bonny said...

yeah yeah! what Pam and Rach said!! lol I wish I had someone like this to teach me to get to the next level! enjoy it!!