Friday, December 16, 2005

Keeping Busy

With Kevin in Kuwait, I'm looking for ways to keep myself busy and make the time go by quickly. There are tons of options!

First, I'm going to get in shape before he gets home. I've gained back some of the weight I previously lost, so I'm going to take that off again plus the last 10 pounds. I know I can do it! Well, after the holidays, that is. :D

Next, the FRG group is going to be a good activity. Getting to know the wives of the other men that are with my husband and being able to support one another will be invaluable. Plus, our monthly crop group will be scrapbooking all the happenings so the guys can get all caught up once they return. Coffees, get-togethers and activities for the kids will all be part of the plans with this group.

We'll be getting involved at church more, now that we aren't attending chapel on post. The kids can be back in Sunday School, and I am tossing around the idea of joining the choir or orchestra.

My Mary Kay business went by the wayside recently, and I will pick it back up again and do some parties--but not so many to burn me out, this time.

Also, of course (you knew this was coming) there is scrapbooking. My wonderful friends at are a huge blessing to me! The "Cards for Soldiers" campaign is going to bless Kevin and his troops, and that makes me happy! Plus the endless inspiration and friendly chatter make me feel like I have my buds surrounding me whenever I log on.

There is a flurry of DT calls out right now, and I think I'll just enter them all until I get on one. Being dumped from the Provo Craft team has turned out to be a blessing in disguise...I feel more creative and less boxed in now that I'm not restricted to use only their stuff. The last creation I made was a blast and I didn't use a single PC product--I just remembered how FUN this hobby is! Getting into my own creative world and coming up with something beautiful, useful, and memorable is just like therapy. The only bummer about PC is losing my source of products and "mad money" (read: scrapbook supply money). So, striking out for fresh waters, I'll toss in my hat and see what happens.

So, here's to a great Christmas break, sleeping late for a change and going to see family next week! And here's to a wonderful, busy year!


Rach said...

Carol, it sounds like you have an abundance of things to keep you busy and out of trouble while Kevin's away. I'm so glad to be a part of the "buds" at 123-Scrap that you mentioned. I love reading your daily banterings! :)

Bonny said...

great goals and projects for the next year, Carol! good luck with finding a new DT! from another 123-bud. lol