Friday, December 30, 2005

Home again, home again, jiggity jig

Well, we made it home. It was a really nice holiday. The only thing that could have been better was if Kevin was here to share it with us. We started out at my dad's and had a great time. Presents, food, family--all you could want. Then at my mom's I pretty much slept my way through 3 days. LOL! I was dog tired and finally could just let go and crash. The kids enjoyed being there on the farm, playing with the dog and cats, exploring the open spaces, pretending to drive the tractor, etc. And more presents and more food. It was nice to get away from Post for a while.

Now that we're home, I feel ready to tackle some things. I've gained back all the weight I lost year before last, and I am going to win this battle--this is the year! I'm ready to go through the house and pack up the Christmas decorations, and get rid of lots and lots of stuff around here. I'm ready to finally get some curtains for the windows (instead of just mini blinds) and organize my scrap room...not just bits and pieces but all of it! I need to get the kids' chore charts back in business, a meal plan organized, the whole shabang. Bit by bit I'm determined that this is the year I get my life under control. Not perfect, just...under...control.

Today I found out that our psycho-neighbor has been active while we were away. Her daughter is a terror, and starts fights with the other kids (boys, girls, older, younger, she doesn't discriminate) and then cries to her mom if it doesn't go her way. The mom, instead of reining her daughter in, goes ballistic on the neighborhood kids and the other moms! It's out of control. The lady is completely irrational and foul-mouthed, and on top of everything, she turns each encounter into a racial battle. I've escaped her wrath for the most part...a couple of months ago there was an incident with Caitlin, but it has blown over and I'm (hopefully) off the radar by now. But the whole street has this oppressive feeling, thanks to this darling mother/daughter duo. I can't let my kids play outside unless I am sitting out there on the bench watching every move any kid makes. Makes me wish more and more for a house of our own. Out in the country. With a very high wall all around. And razor wire. :P

On the up side, I did get an honorable mention in the Polar Bear Press DT contest. It softened the blow for the KMA contest rejection. LOL! I actually don't feel sad about it this time. Maybe I'm getting better at taking rejection. Anyway, I'm focusing on my Scrapworks application, and we'll see how that goes. I have half my entry finished, and great ideas for the other half, thanks to April's help. :D The deadline is in about two weeks, so I'm feeling pretty good at this point. My mom is encouraging me to make a resume to keep up with things like the PBP HM, so I'm going to check out and maybe start an entry.

Now I'm just trying to decide what to do about HOF. I thought this might be the year to throw my hat back in, but now I'm wondering if I ought to spend a year under April's mentoring, and really work myself up to enter next year. It might be good to push myself this year...the deadline is 5 weeks away, and I'd have to come up with 10 layouts. I think I'll finish my Scrapworks entry, and then try to do a couple of HOF layout assignments and just see what happens.

I'm almost certain I'm going to send back all my pink inventory and be done with Mary Kay. I could make it work, but I just have too much of the wrong things on my shelves, and it's hanging over my head. The last step in my decision will be counting up my inventory and seeing how much money I will get back if I send it all back to MK. If it's enough to pay back my savings account for the initial investment and have more $$ left over to play with, that'll definitely clinch it.

Well, what a mundane entry today! LOL!! We're off to rent our Friday Night movie, cook our pizza, and relax. Happy Friday night to all! :D


Rach said...

Not mundane at all! I love reading about the daily goings on. :D I'm rooting for you on the Scrapworks DT. I know you'd be a terrific asset to their team, and your work rocks. Now with April's mentoring, you're going to be WAY out of my league. ;)
Glad you had such a wonderful time away for the holidays. Sounds like the kids needed just that .. time away. :)

Bonny said...

good luck with the Scrapworks DT! you can do it!! Also good luck deciding what to do with your pink product! lol I didn't send my stuff back..too much hassle for me (didn't have that much to really send back) so I just ended up donating it to a women's shelter around Christmas time that year...they loved it! no matter what you decide, we're here for ya!!

Heather said...

Oh Carol!!!! I'm so sorry you're thinking about leaving the pink bubble! If you DO decide to build your business and want help and advice, I'm here for you! You could do ANYTHING you want to--- be a director, earn a car, etc! Does this mean I won't see you at seminar this year? :(