Thursday, December 22, 2005

Gettin' Away From It All

Well, tomorrow we're outta here! :)

The kids and I are taking some much-needed time away for the holidays. Tomorrow we're driving to see my dad for a couple of days, and then on to my mom's house for a few more, and then home again. The kids are SO looking forward to it, and it will be a very nice distraction. I'm bringing along the ingredients for my famous Caramel Sticky Rolls, yum!! I know I'll have to make double batches, because my brother eats these like there's no tomorrow!

I'm taking my first assignments from April to work on while I'm away-- Goal-setting and some journaling prompts.

AND I have the perfect presents to give everyone! :D I'm so excited about the easels I decorated--they are unusual, pretty, and useful, which makes them absolutely PERFECT! My family is so hard to shop for, but this year I feel like I hit the bonanza when I saw these easels from my friend Andrea!

I'm giving everyone easels with copies of some of the photos from our family photo shoot in November, when all my siblings were all here at one time. :D I decorated them very simply, but I think they turned out nice. I can't WAIT to see the looks on everyone's faces, they are going to FLIP over these! I'm thinking about making some to sell at a booth at the Officer's Wives Club meetings or Bazaar. I have no doubt they would sell like hotcakes--recipe card holders, calendars, memo pad holders--the possibilities are endless!

Tonight I'm doing laundry and finishing up the gift wrapping and packing. So, back to my chores!!


Rach said...

Carol, I have NO doubt your family is going to ADORE these easels as gifts. Like you said, they're unique and so versatile. I really like how you altered this one! And can I just comment on the photo? How clever to dress the individual families in their own colour. It makes it easy for us admirers to place the children with the family. ;)

Have a safe trip, and a wonderful time with both your Mom and Dad. Merry Christmas!

Bonny said...

I was going to say just what Rach said! lol great idea for the different colors for the families! These don't seem that simple to me! very very pretty and nice! I bet your family loved them!!